The Butterfly Effect

I wanted the story to go in a certain direction, the story didn’t, and the story it won – I guess that’s ‘magic’ for you!

I have a loose idea of where I want to end up, but no real fixed and firm idea of how I’m going to get there – and this story not being the ‘chase’ that was/is ‘Thomas Payne’, I guess the fluidly to go where ever the mood takes me is that more open, less constricting. 

Amy is a wonderful character, one of warmth and failings, one of genuine depth, and I feel a certain duty upon me to give this young woman a fair and sympathetic telling of her tale.    

So, I started this book with an idea of what I wanted to tell, what concept I wanted to cover, what progress I wanted to make in the telling of her adventures, and where I am now is not where I thought I’d be – never thought the plot would be where it is now. 

The title and concept of magic only appeared after I’d written the first ten pages – then out of the blue it hit me, make it up, add magic to link whatever you want to wherever you want to go, and so more by accident than design we have a telling of a tale that revolves around ‘magic’. 

If you could go back in time, change one thing (butterfly effect notwithstanding) would you?  Would you go back to a pivotal moment in your life and turn left and, not right? 

What if you were pushed back to before you chose either left or right, what would you do?  And that is where young Amy Grace is, she is at that crossroad debating what to do next… 

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