The Amy Grace Adventures Volume 3: Gotham

It’s the year 1888, it’s a world of steam trains, telegraph messages, and the expanding new world of America.  

Friends are rescued, friends are made, and friends are lost. 

Twenty-four-year-old Amy Grace of County Leitrim criss-crosses from the west coast California to the east coast New York and back again, her travels mirroring the scars old and new that young body carries.   

Foes from old adventures reappear, enemies from current adventures remain, in a land approaching sixty million souls she feels isolated and so very lonely and alone. 

Her broken heart dominates everything.   

Justice alludes her, vengeance too, a balance needs to be set, an offer from a Government Agency debated…  

This is the tale of such things, and this is the tale of what Amy ended up doing about them.

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