Who is this bloke?

I’m a bloke whose struggle to be published, is about as hard as his struggle to create pithy synopsises that catch the eye of prospective agents.

I’m also a tryer, I try, fail, but then attempt again – so that’s either a good rewarding positive, or confirmation of some sort of reality avoiding delusion…?

I’ve always told tall tales, making up stories has always been easy for me, putting my thoughts onto paper, considerably less so.

At times my imagination runs considerably faster than I can type, and so holes appear in the plot lines – gaps that I don’t notice, because I know what’s going on, but holes nonetheless.

A few dedicated people have hacked away at my writing – circles of red pen and asterisks flourished with aplomb!

So, a big thank you to Marcia & Helen!

Errors, where they still exist (and they do) are a reflection of my refusal to accept or memory to apply – not their tenacity in pointing out such failings.

Is that about it? Yeah, I think for the time being this will suffice. Maybe I’ll tell you all about my childhood, or about whether I like fish-finger sandwiches, or maybe I’ll keep all that to myself?

The latter is the stronger possibility!

Whatever you do, I hope that you enjoy the stories!