If somebody told you that the fruit of your labours, the prize for your hours of endeavour and inner torment would be a miserly 7% of the jacket price – would you bother? If you are looking at a nice £4.99 jacket price, keeping it price savvy, is the £0.35 really ample reward? Makes you think doesn’t it!? So, if not for the money, why are you doing it? Is it just vanity? You must be heavily egotistical when you think about it – can’t be for the money, the riches, the trappings of fame, not for 7% it can’t…

So, if I’m only going to get 35p, I’m going to dig my heals in, and keep everything as mine, I’m not going to change tack, alter or remove anything in a vain attempt to shift a few more copies – and that’s kinda rewarding. If you are not chasing the money, if it is all about you and your creation, then dam it, you can wrap yourself nice and snug in the art-for-arts sake blanket.

Although, for a 25% return, I would consider making Amy a mid-western American, traveling the world bringing truth justice and the American way – the ‘baddie’ wont’ need to change, he’s a Brit, but for some extra gold coins…

Yeah, as if!

7% though, what a tiny return for your labour! I’d have to sell over 350,000 copies just to make a reasonable attempt to pay of the average mortgage – and that would be a very lot of paper to shift! So, I’d have to shift as many copies as say American Sniper (which had a massive movie tie-in to boost sales) in order to make a living – daunting isn’t it!

And then when you think of true ‘mega-sales’, someone like J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, that has sales around 4.5m, or Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code c5m, you can see sheer size of the task you face if all this typing is an attempt to make a living…

So, if you see a writer who “made it”, be nice to them, they worked very hard for that 7%!

Elevator Pitch

Ever tried the infamous ‘elevator pitch’? 

Harder than it sounds. 

Got cornered by someone who said ‘so, you’re writing a book, what’s it about?’

Hmm, not the best time to stutter, procrastinate…

Okay, Amy Grace is the tale of a young woman who is attacked, finds her inner strength, flies in an airship, and you know – rights wrongs and stuff.  So, it’s graphic where it needs to be, but not voyeuristic.  It is deliberately sympathetic to the long terms effects that such a brutal attack would have, so ‘coping’ theme reverberates throughout the tale. 

It’s steampunk insofar as we have an (nuclear powered) airship flying in a Victorian world, but it’s not googles and corsets, or dependent upon the technology to propel the story forward – but it helps.  The backdrop of Steampunk and the British Empire are wonderful tools that just beg for a few characters to be dropped in their midst.  The late 1800’s were a fascinating time, full of genuine epoch defining events, and so that’s why the time period is where it is.  We have the Empire at its height, the great game being played by other imperial powers, the burgeoning independence/nationalism of the ‘conquered’, it just cries out intrigue and adventure.  It was also a time where to be British, to be a man, to be an officer was all that was needed – so our hero is a heroine, a small woman, an Irish woman.  And her being a woman, and Irish to boot, I think adds a slightly different and very interesting slant on the whole adventure genre – oh, and that she channels the warrior women through her adds that little bit of Celtic Mythology into an already interesting mix. 

Can I get this whole thing across between floors three and four?  Possibly not, but I’ll practice, and I’ll try to get what, in my head, is a big complex intertwining series of thoughts together in such a matter as to come across as coherent and interesting, that or I’ll have to find the stop button to give me some much needed ‘waffle time’! 

So, if you hear of a man being arrested for a poorly planned and executed abduction in a lift – give that man some sympathy – it could very well be me…. 


Day whatever in the Big Brother House, and twenty-four lost and confused souls had stumbled across my site. Pressure is therefore mounting to deliver something – not just ‘anything’ but most definitely ‘something’ worthy of note.

Today’s lesson – if you write it, you can change it! Sounds obvious, and probably is, but when you are stuck in the midst of a plot line from which you can engineer no escape – go back and change it, change it all if you want to! And so I have. I’m writing bits for ‘Magic’, and the cul-de-sac was well and truly entered, three-point turn a none starter, frustration mounting, curser blinking but not moving…. So, it’s my book, I go back a few pages, insert a nice link that allows me to move the plot along, and it being a book about magic, fairies and goblins, anything kinda goes as long as it’s almost plausible, and bingo we are moving forward again. So, metaphor for life’s journey – it’s your story, change it if you want to!

Blog #1

So, it’s a blog…  is it a bit pretentious, is it a tad self-indulgent, or is it possibly a useful tool to metaphorically fly kites about your ideas?  I’m not too sure which answer is correct; possibly none, possibly all?  I suppose I see this blog as kind of akin to being given access to a great palatial auditorium, yet one in which you will have to speak confidently into a darkened room – maybe people are out there in the cheap seats listening – maybe they’re not.  But if you don’t speak, you’ll never know…

So, darkened room, why am I talking to you?  Well truth is at this stage I’m not too sure, but I think (hope) that this forum will allow me to articulate my journey from that ‘yeah I can write a book’ euphoria, to the ‘can I get it published’ sobering event. 

To date I’ve accrued a few rejections, which to be fair, with the benefit of hindsight, I’d have rejected them too.  However, we have learnt some very valuable lessons, amended things, and now we are moving forward with what we hope is a better, if admittedly still far from perfect, ‘product’! 

So, darkened room, thank you for listening, and please enjoy the journey with me!