Sisyphus’s Burden

Sisyphus’s Burden started life as an attempt to write a good opening line, a line that progressed into a tall tale. 

This is a story about the conflict in Afghanistan. 

It is the tale of a wife, Julie, who misses her husband and must deal with the fallout of him being declared dead.  It is the tale of a woman coping, as too many women have, with that fateful knock on the door.

It is the tale of Amir, a proud man trying to find himself, to confirm his place as a good Muslim in a confused and dangerous place, of Ivan the Chechen killer his accidental companion. 

Mostly though, this is the tale of a soldier lost in the mountains of Afghanistan.

It is the story of his fight to survive, the battles he fights, the people he meets, and the burdens that places upon him. 

It is a walk through the stunning scenery of Afghanistan, a journey through the mind of a man alone, a man who after years of military service must face the harsh realities of war and the trade of killing.

It is also the tale of Keira Knightley dancing naked!  .

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