Round and around it goes, where it stops nobody knows…

It’s a rhyme we all know.

It’s also a reflection on my writing style.

I am a gardener.

Not one of those from the MaddAddam©™ trilogy (thank you Margaret Atwood).

Nope, not one of them.

More I’m a plant a seed and see what (if anything) blooms scribbler of tall tales.

Not knowing the route is sometimes great if you’re a riding the roller coaster in the dark/with your eyes closed kinda person, if you just love the thrill of the ride, then (like me) just plant away and see what happens!

This is all good, fine and dandy, until you box yourself into a corner you (obviously) didn’t see coming.

Do you spend time correcting the preceding text?

This strategy (can it be called such?) has a remarkably high tendency for unforeseen cul-de-sacs. 

But, to counter that, so too is opportunity to follow that random trail and find your lost city of gold.

Some risks are worth the reward.

I have the complete freedom to fly by the seat of my pants (aka pantster) with my tales.

I have an ending in mind – the route flexible enough to win an Olympic gold.

So, point if any of this blog entry?

To thine own self be true, create your art with joy in her heart, even if that heart has been burnt in the sulphurous pits of hell – remain true to it. 

That’s it.

Keep the faith, stay safe & remain sane!