She’s lost control!

She has, and it’s understandable.

Imprisoned for something she did/didn’t do – pick your poison.

Amy is behind high stone walls, and it’s not nice.

In and era when solitary was hoped to provide the fallen time to reflect upon their errors and fix themselves Amy isn’t doing that.

She is crumbling.

She is suffering.

She is alone.

Joy Division quote notwithstanding, nor indeed the thought-provoking book ‘House of Dolls’ allied to that song, I hope (as I always do) that I can do justice to the theme I am trying to convey.

I hope I do justice, and I hope I tell a good tale…

A small cottage industry of readers now exists to critique and hopefully enjoy my work – fingers crossed that no matter the level of the former that the latter is the lasting sensation. 

So as Thousand Yard Stare play in the background, I will close this little note with a reminder that the job (for suitable candidates) is still open.

4 O’clock in the morning…

And still we cannot sleep!

It is indeed true that there is no rest for the wicked, and indeed that the devil does indeed find work for idle hands.

But, all suffering is not in vain – indeed not; for in our torment we have finished a draft version of ‘Gotham’.  Copies of which will be given to all good proof-readers and critics in due course. 

So, one chapter of Amy put to bed we can now work on the 4th instalment in our little saga and take our heroin through the mercies and kindness that were the American penal system (late 1800’s). 

I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to putting Amy through a prison regime for most of this year, and now the time has come I am genuinely excited to get going.

Amy #3 now has the ending I think it deserved, and one that I hope doesn’t come across as a filler merely waiting for book four – it is I hope found to be a good story in it’s own right. 

We shall see.

So, the job offer still stands – I still seek representation. 

I have booked myself on a ‘how to sell yourself’ course, this may help, it may not. But if I want to reach an audience greater than the empty auditorium that is my sporadic blog, then help and correction I will both seek and take.