Tipping Point.

What is the cross over moment, between people back-slapping enthusing your ambition, and then quietly, politely, disappointedly, lamenting your lack of success? 

Oh, your wring a book – awesome, follow your dreams dude, go for it!


Oh, not been published then – why, isn’t it any good???

Or the classic…

Let it go dude, it was a pipedream, you tired, you failed – FFS move on!!!

Ah, the joy that is scribbling tall tales from the depths of your imagination, and the struggle to have other people (paying people) read them!

It would be nice, really nice, for my enthusiasm to be rewarded, acknowledged even with a positive reply from an agent. But, until that fateful day we keep scribbling away, hitting the keyboard with the unrelenting enthusiasm of a steroid filled gym bunny – one more try, one more attempt…   

Amy Grace Volume 2: Magic is now close, very close to being finished. 

This tale discusses the futility of vengeance, the hollow nature that such an act brings, the morality of prostitution… 

This is a tale that takes you through an ancient wood, populated by a dying species, that seek the help from a passing warrior, the help that she gives, and the fairies that she kills.   

We dip our toes into murder mayhem and lost love, the empty desolate space that is a lost love… 

Oh, and through it all we delve into the realms of magic, the good stuff, and the very bad stuff. 

To paraphrase, volume 2 isn’t just your average ho-hum everyday fairy-tale – it is more, so very much more*.   

So, when its available, I hope you obtain a copy, and most of all I earnestly hope that you enjoy the ride!


*it helps if you’ve read volume #1 Thomas Payne.