Rip it up and start again…

Rip it up and start again…

Lyrics from a song? 

You know, I think indeed they are!

These words also reflect what’s been going on with Amy and book #3. 

We were so far in front, progress was good, all was confident and cock-a-hoop and as it should be, and then somehow an idea created itself, and this niggling thought said why don’t you change a few things? 

What was the possible harm in listening to whispered suggestion echoing around my subconscious asking why don’t you change a few things 180?

Yeah why not rip it up and start again? 

So, being the fool that we are, we listened, and we did as we were bid.

We changed victim to victor, beaten to beater, dominator to submissive, and the whole hue of the book changed. 

All the effort was poured into just two characters; just two incidents were changed. 

Two characters and two unrelated incidents were changed, and I think Gotham is now all the better for it.

We sit here reviewing the results of our labours, inevitably we ask ourselves why so obvious a thing took so long and took so much effort? 

The answer on time and effort I cannot fully answer, but for the result I can confidently state that it was most definitely worth it!