Day whatever in the Big Brother House, and twenty-four lost and confused souls had stumbled across my site. Pressure is therefore mounting to deliver something – not just ‘anything’ but most definitely ‘something’ worthy of note.

Today’s lesson – if you write it, you can change it! Sounds obvious, and probably is, but when you are stuck in the midst of a plot line from which you can engineer no escape – go back and change it, change it all if you want to! And so I have. I’m writing bits for ‘Magic’, and the cul-de-sac was well and truly entered, three-point turn a none starter, frustration mounting, curser blinking but not moving…. So, it’s my book, I go back a few pages, insert a nice link that allows me to move the plot along, and it being a book about magic, fairies and goblins, anything kinda goes as long as it’s almost plausible, and bingo we are moving forward again. So, metaphor for life’s journey – it’s your story, change it if you want to!

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