So, it’s a blog…  is it a bit pretentious, is it a tad self-indulgent, or is it possibly a useful tool to metaphorically fly kites about your ideas?  I’m not too sure which answer is correct; possibly none, possibly all?  I suppose I see this blog as kind of akin to being given access to a great palatial auditorium, yet one in which you will have to speak confidently into a darkened room – maybe people are out there in the cheap seats listening – maybe they’re not.  But if you don’t speak, you’ll never know…

So, darkened room, why am I talking to you?  Well truth is at this stage I’m not too sure, but I think (hope) that this forum will allow me to articulate my journey from that ‘yeah I can write a book’ euphoria, to the ‘can I get it published’ sobering event. 

To date I’ve accrued a few rejections, which to be fair, with the benefit of hindsight, I’d have rejected them too.  However, we have learnt some very valuable lessons, amended things, and now we are moving forward with what we hope is a better, if admittedly still far from perfect, ‘product’! 

So, darkened room, thank you for listening, and please enjoy the journey with me!

Blog #1

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