And now?

The cursor is blinking… 

A statement that could be a great opening line, or the opening shot in a screenplay; the camera panning back slowly from that little flickering line on a screen revealing…  and your imagination fills in whatever you want to happen next!

And that is where we are, we took the flashing vertical line for a journey through our fertile imagination, rode lightning while summoning the gods ancient and new, took the little ‘vertical’ through the world of goblins (well one specific goblin) and several decapitated fairies.  

Now, having written those pages, we are sitting and re-reading the journey, looking at the tale to date, and asking ourselves if it works, does the latest outpouring of my imagination add/detract from the plot line? 

A goblin, who rides lightning, conjuring magic to rejuvenate the dead, does this fit in the story of our heroine coming to terms with what she has done, what she has become? 

I’m not too sure, but it’s there now, and whatever the original plot may have been, it now has a little goblin folding time, returning what is, to what was, and suffering immense pain to make it so. 

And, we love that little flashing line for allowing us to do such things, the little blinking line is liberating; empowering!

 The cursor is blinking… 


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