Red Pen Pause

So, it’s out there for review, the first 20,000 words of ‘Magic’ are out for critique and the infamous red pen!  We now wait judgement.  It’s a nervous time waiting for feedback.  Sending out a chunk of your thoughts and efforts for external ‘validation’ is a truly bizarre state.  You want honesty, you want constructive feedback, but secretly (or possibly not that well-hidden) you want confirmation that what you’ve produced, what you’ve given for review is of worth, that any errors are small, minor, inconsequential even.  But, as much as you want to be lauded, to be feted and praised as the next great thing, you want honesty more.  You wait and you hope that the red pen is minimal, that the mistakes that you’ve presented are redeemable. But that above it all the story was enjoyed – you can fix everything else, but, you can’t really recover if the tale isn’t worth telling, isn’t a compelling read.  So, you wait, you hope that they are kind, but most of all you hope that they are honest and despite any flaws, you hope that it was an enjoyable tale!    

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