Reviews (2.5)

And the reviews for [2.5] are back….

Broadly positive, a few spelling mistakes, some phrasing questions, but, the most important critique is that the story was enjoyed.

Yeah, go me!

So, telling tall tales #101; have a good story – achieved.

I need to review some gender neutral/ambiguity that I was attempting. But, that I will re-write, and hopefully clarify what I was attempting to portray.

We are currently running with version [2.8], so this will cascade out around September, with a view to have the whole project finished before year end.

I’m back in the saddle, got the bit between my teeth, the mojo is sparking and the absurdity of my imagination is running full and free.

Magic is a wonderful freedom to create a story around, and now I can see why it is such a popular genre – maybe I’ll write horror stories next? Can’t see me doing ‘coming of age’ wizard stories, but hey, mortgages are what mortgages are, and if it pays the bills…

But, first we need to finish our tale with young Amy, take her to an ending that is worthy of her journey; and magic or no magic, mojo, or no mojo, creating something worthy of her trials and tribulations, her pain and her suffering is the current challenge, the current focus.

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