So, here we are, again, plodding inexorably onwards, with our heroine Amy, towards a destination not yet confirmed (although we have written the final two pages). 

We’ve taken her through some abhorrent situations. Predicaments that would have kept the best of us sullen and broken.  She has been wounded, abused, beaten to within an inch of her young life, but never bettered, never conquered. 

We are now walking through the recovery phase from victim to survivor, with the heavy dark shadow of Thomas Payne being removed, she is moving forwards into the light. 

But, it being an adventure story, a tale of peril danger and adversity, some new challenge must appear. 

Enter stage left the “Colonel” and his human sacrifices, his love of black magic, his worship of the golden idol…  

Does this all join together with the fairies? 

Yeah it does – so hold on tight it’s going to be a heck of a ride ! 

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