Potato prints on the fridge.

We all love our children; their achievements proudly displayed.

Potato print on the fridge case point.

Then you look at your own output.

Am I creating potato prints?

Are those nodding heads and words of encouragement really celebrating your creativity, or are they just saying “bless, he tried” (smile/don’t hurt his feelings)?

Self-belief is important, getting knocked down and standing up again – fall seven, stand eight etc.

Are we being tested to see if we have the resilience to go on, or are we ignoring the great reality check that is our potato print on the fridge?

But, at what point do we accept that the cosmos has been trying to tell us (somewhat bluntly) for several years, that our scribbles really are akin to potato prints on a fridge and not the superbly crafted narratives exploring the complexities of the human condition we think they are?

Stay safe – stay sane!

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