Shop Window

Back in the summer of 2017, when initially musing about the whole blog concept I said that I saw this as akin to standing alone on-stage in some great palatial auditorium. 

I viewed myself as a one man show casting pearls into the dark, maybe folk are out there listening – maybe they were not.   

Does silence echo?   

Well, undeterred I’ve been speaking into the abyss ever since. 

Occasionally lost souls, looking for the dinosaur exhibition next door, wander in, look a little confused and then meekly shuffle back out.

Me, I persevere.  

This is my shop window, and it isn’t.

It is so many things, and it isn’t.

What it is, I’m still not too sure.

Does it have merit, not too sure of that either…

If this was a big hall in the centre of town, then maybe I’d have validated some parking tickets, or struck up a relationship with a few of the on-site staff – but it isn’t, and I haven’t.

It is easy to say what this hasn’t been, to look at the chances and opportunities imagined and then not delivered.  That bit is easy but offers no real benefit. 

We must look for the positives. 

What this has been, what this does deliver?

This project gives is a release valve, a venting mechanism, an empty room into which I can mutter consequence free!

Nobody corrects or criticises my mutterings, I stride as an unchallenged colossus in a fiefdom of my own creation!

So, part relief valve, part echo, and a little tiny bit of a shop window, I salute this blog.

Scribbles will continue, and you never know, one day a reply may come forth out of the darkness…

So, until the rapture – stay safe and remain sane!

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