Wave Hello, Say Goodbye.

Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow. 

Four complete tales, 500,000 words. 

An adventure that started in 1884, is now in 1891 offering Amy Elizabeth Grace a real chance of lasting peace and happiness.

Amy has circumnavigated the globe, rode lightning storms, fought enemies in the Khyber Pass, fought more in North America, fought Fairies too, so many battles that her body is a lattice work of scars…

Love was found and then cruelly taken from her, she has given birth to a daughter, but she too has been lost.

Vengeance has been enacted; slights corrected.

All this I have written, and now writing her swan song, the fifth (and final?) instalment I have hit a near insurmountable obstacle; I don’t want to say goodbye.

In 2015 I started telling her tall tale, and now in 2023 I think it’s the right time to let her go.

She is a mere figment of my imagination, and yet at the same time she isn’t.

The emotional investment of the writer shouldn’t be overplayed, but neither should it be ignored.

I hope that I can do justice to her, that I can give her the ending that she so richly deserves (even if I don’t want to).

So that boys and girls is my first world 2023 problem – whatever life brings you, I hope your struggles are as trivial and surmountable as mine. 

Stay safe – remain sane!

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