Falling in love again!

Falling back into love is realising that you never were ‘out’ of love, that you’d just forgotten just how important that person is to you.

And, as it is with life, so too is it with writing.

Some random spark, some unforeseen act reignites the passion that was only ever patiently waiting in the wings.

The honeymoon period is reimagined, the passion familiar, even if the touches are already known – nothing for being revisited is stale, love allows everything to be continually reborn, reinvigorated – and it’s awesome!

I am an unapologetic romantic – and art does indeed imitate life.

I am again writing random out of sequence scenes for Amy Grace. 

Phrases toying with your imagination become pages of action.

Joining these snippets together is an act of love.

And this ladies and gentlemen is where we are – and it is good.

Stay safe and remain sane!

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