Not with a bang, but with a whimper…

So, with all the overplayed artistic cinematography of a slow-motion car crash 2021 eventually comes to an end.

I doubt in years to come many will look back as this year as a halcyon period (pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders notwithstanding) worthy of song and celebration.

And, as it has been with the stymied lives’ we’ve been leading in and out of lockdown, so too has it been with my scribbling.

2021 should have been a golden opportunity to advance like a true colossus with gigantic strides of progress – but it wasn’t.

Something (for me) went wrong, something intangible interfered…

We wrote, we have written, but for effort in and output out the ratio has been wrong, very wrong.

Effort and frustration should eventually produce results – but this year the bounty of these labours has been pitiful.

Even though 2022 has such a low bar to surpass, St Francis de Sales still has his work cut out, and as such suitable incantations will be offered…

Stay safe, remain sane and may your efforts be both bountiful and rewarded.

2022 – have at you!!

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