Black Coffee Blues.

Again, I tip my hat to a near obscure literary pop reference…

Often thought if I should highlight such gems in my regular scribbles, or just let people stumble upon them in their own time? 

Anyhow, here we are again, last exit for the lost, debating if indeed every day is exactly the same…?

It’s been a while since my last utterance, and I feel almost obligated to provide some earth-shattering updates on my quest, but alas I have no real ground breakers to provide.

I have had a written rejection – which was nice. 

The first rejection (cut) is indeed the deepest, but after that (tipping hat to Marquis De Sade) you do almost enjoy these painful interactions, especially those who provide details of just why your submission didn’t make the cut – writers, bunch of weirdoes, who knew? 

So, I have been typing away, resurrecting, and then killing off (almost) what we’d taken so much time trouble and internal debate to reintroduce… 

Research on beneficial avenues has been pursued, but mostly the rabbit holes have provided more tinfoil hats than nuggets of gold – but hopefully knowledge is never wasted, and these obscure trinkets will be used at some point in the future. 

In other news I have (again) singed up for a writer’s course, so hopefully the quality (if not the quantity) of my writing will improve!

In these crazy times of feeling like you are an active participant in your most relevant dystopian novel (Fahrenheit 451 anyone?) I wish you all the best of days, that you all stay safe, and importantly that you all manage to remain sane!

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