Wearing Crimson

It had to happen, and indeed it has. 

We’ve achieved our first bloodbath. 

The body count has just rang to the tune of six.

The pressure that was building, it’s now been released, and in doing so Amy has removed some very bad people from circulation.

So far we’ve had some near misses, some nasty  violent incidents, but today we’ve encountered out first release of Badb and the flapping of the carrion crows. 

Now six bodies lie where once they breathed walked and talked, but let us not weep for these who we have now killed. 

Rest assured they were indeed very bad people, who in the context of the story suffered their just deserts – do not mourn for their passing, it’s not needed.

Amy is in Gotham (New York) seeking to rescue Trua, trying to find a tiny pregnant fairy in a seething city of people, and buildings that reach up to the sky. 

Let us not assume that our pregnant woman is merely a passive victim unable or incapable at directing their own future – because she isn’t a mere sideshow curiosity.

Trua is also a strong (tiny) woman in command of her own destiny, as too is Charlotte

Of Charlotte more is to follow…

So, we’ve exorcised a particular demon, became as Lady Macbeth in a blood splattered hallway – the wallpaper forever ruined – and now we move on.

More will follow, more deaths, as sure as day follows night, we will shoot, stab, chop and use whatever means we have at our disposal to terminate with extreme prejudice some more very bad people and their enablers.

The Amy Grace Adventures Volume 3 Gotham are progressing nicely, thank you very much for asking.


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