And then…

So, you write, you finish, you send for review and then you patiently wait for responses. 

But what do you do next? 

While the critiques are deliberating over your latest submission, what do you do?

Hmmm – I’ve opted to read, to research and to cogitate.

We have moved away from Amy and her plight, and stepped into being on the losing side during a civil war.

We’ve taken as our backdrop the Irish civil war, the chaos murder and vengeance that swirled around a country in the midst of painful change.

We are scribbling ideas around “The Big House”, and importantly we are enjoying it.

The changes that happened during this period of time in Ireland were profound, and arguably echo with us still. 

People moved from being highly respected members of society, some were honoured as heroes, yet in the near blink of an eye, they became pariahs subject to ostracization, boycott and murder.

Some used the overarching conflict between the two states to settle resentment that was a deep and dark as the bog and turf on which they stood, some fabricated grudges to pursue nothing more than spiteful resentment. 

And some just liked the chaos and the opportunity to be bad!

“The Big House” is a tale of a discovered past, of secrets that had been hidden for a long time, and the pain that their uncovering brings.

Oh, and the job, it’s still an open vacancy for the right candidate!

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