Who is Amy?

She’s Tank Girl meets Lisbeth Salander.

Well that was the intent.

She was intended to have the irreverence and anarchy of Tank Girl, with the vulnerability and grit of Lisbeth Salander, all be it in a quasi steampunk setting.

Did she become the intended hybrid, or did she develop into something else, something more? I’m not attempting to claim any equivalence (or endorsement) with these two female icons, but I am attempting to point people towards pop-culture reference points, from which they can start to create an understanding of young Miss Grace.

I wanted to create a no nonsense strong female lead, a character that wasn’t all heaving bosom, fainting and being rescued by square jawed men.

So, that is the genesis of young Miss Amy Grace, maybe it’s a good and reliable steer, maybe I missed the target by miles – guess you’ll have to spend the £19.99 for the limited hardback folio edition to see if I achieved my aim…

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