August Update

So, it’s been a while.  The gap between updates unusually long.  In my defence, I have been away to a part of the world (Northumberland) void of 4G/3G or indeed any sort of ‘G’.  Mobile communications with the world, as normally enjoyed, denied.  Not that I’d been idle while away, I hadn’t.  We’ve moved forward to some 60,000 words, taken the tale of Amy (part 2) into a very dark place, witnessed some abject cruelty, and some redemption. 

People ask what are you typing, I tell them ‘a book’, they say great ‘what’s it about?’, I tell them, and then I am asked if there was any kind of connection between my state of mind, and my writing about suffering; am I writing from experience, or indeed from a desire to inflict such pain? 

Flip, that’s a weird one.   My answer was, and remains, that I have an imagination, nothing more, nothing less.  I imagine scenarios, and I describe them how I see them, not how I want them to be, or indeed out of some repressed memory bank – it is my imagination and nothing more.  

So, Amy has moved forward, the story has progressed, we have discussed (but not answered) the morality of prostitution, and we have explored the desires of majority of people for that simple life of happiness, the Eliza Dolittle (of Pygmalion fame) “room somewhere, far away from the cold night air…”

So, I haven’t been idle, the project is still live, we are moving forward, and copies will be sent to the usual suspects for review/critique in due course.

Oh, and I’ve had two rejections this week….  Bugger. 

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