Enigma Cracked?

We have, we think, cracked the enigma that is the one page (spoiler included) synopsis! 

Kudos to us!

In doing so we have learnt a valuable lesson, which like all truly important life lessons is blatantly self-evident after the fact.   

Yes, less is indeed more. 

You can summarise without feeling that you’ve missed everything of importance, a synopsis is indeed what it says on the tin – a summary, nothing more and indeed nothing less. 

Yet this has plagued me for longer than I care to admit.

I have struggled with what to include in my summary, what detail is needed, and indeed I have agonised about what detail to omit – omissions that if not included won’t/don’t  detract from the pithy one page ‘hook’ that you are attempting to create.

So, allusive one page document for Volume #1 and the tale of what happened when young Amy met Thomas Payne in hand what do we do now?


Now we put some genuine focused effort into a fishing trip that has thus far been unsuccessful, we project some of the confidence we have in our project into applications to (hopefully) receptive agents. 

Who will read and enjoy Amy Grace?

Our tale that is a fast paced “chase movie” set during 1884 in a world of HG Wells, Jules Verne and the Imperial British Empire.  Whatever it is, this tale isn’t a light-hearted tiptoe through the daffodils; it is an uncompromising tale about a rape committed upon a young woman; it is the tale of her struggles towards recovery, and the consuming and hollow nature of vengeance.    

So pitching our book I think that those who enjoyed books such as Child 44, the Millennium trilogy (Dragon Tattoo) or indeed those who enjoy the Song of Ice and Fire series of books will enjoy this story (and subsequent volumes).

So, hook suitably baited, off we go fishing.



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