It Ends…

And then it’s all over…

Just like that it ends.

No fanfare, no marching bands, not even a wee advert in the Times court announcements.

One moment you are knee deep in murder and mayhem, and then ‘poof’ you’re not!

All of sudden you’ve finished the latest instalment of Amy and her sufferings, the current narrative has run its course, a new chapter beckons.

Amy Grace Volume 2: Magic has been written.

300+ pages taking in revenge and retribution, the hollow yet compelling need for vengeance, and the mercy that is a second chance to right a previous callous (if understandable) wrong.

It all happens in this volume.

We have magic, we have mythical forest creatures seeking assistance to save themselves from the vicious fairies that are hunting them to extinction.

We have a mad man murdering women in a cave to summon a deity that refuses to answer.

We have his unbelievably cruel and sadistic sidekick, who hates women especially prostitutes…

We meet women trapped in prostitution, women (young girls) that Amy rescues.

We have a love that blossoms and we have its tragic loss.

We have evil folk, cruel and sadistic people who do as they want merely because they can – oh and because they enjoy it!

We have young Amy seeking to right innumerable wrongs, trying to take on a rich and powerful railway family of California and their two equally sadistic children.

Amy is doing all of this, and more, while trying to survive a ransom placed upon her head and the many mercenaries keen to collect it.

And running throughout the story we have magic, lightening that needs to be ridden and a lost love mourned.

Magic is a worthy successor to Thomas Payne, a rollercoaster ride taking Amy and Ariel across America and the length of California, new adventures taken, new friends made and old ones revisited.

When you read it, I hope you like it.

Bain sult as an turas!

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